Liquid Forms
Products i)  Acmenox BL
ii) Acmenox BLN

These are chemically similar products except the difference in viscosities and both have similar technological behavior.

Dosage 1 to 2 phr. Is recommended for general purpose rubber articles. Severe oxidative service conditions warrant use of upto 4 phr. without blooming.
Presentation 210 Kgs and 25 Kgs nett. In M.S. Drums.
Free Flowing Powder Forms
Acmenox BLB 50 + 2% of Acmenox BL with reinforcing Carbon Black as  Carrier.
Acmenox BLS 75 + 2% of Acmenox BL with reinforcing white filler as  Carrier.
Acmenox BLS 65 + 2% of Acmenox BL with reinforcing white filler as  Carrier.
Dosage Suitable adjustments in dosage based on active ingredient contents will provide identical Chemical Effectiveness tom Acmenox BL.
Presentation 25 kgs nett. In Hessian Polythene Laminated Bag and LDPE inner liner.
Application In the manufacturing processes of Pneumatic Tyres, Tubes,  Convenor Belts, V-Belts, Transmission Belts, Hoses and also for other wide range of Rubber Products for Mechanical applications.
Technological evaluation Acmenox BL Vis--vis other Common Antidgradants in a Typical NR Tread Clompound.
Base Compound
RMA IX 100
Zinc Oxide 3.5
Stearic Acid 2.0
HAF Black 50
Process Oil 3.5
CBS 0.5
Sulphur 2.5
(As Shown)

Acmenox BL and BLN are chemically similar except for difference in viscosities and therefore have identical technological behaviour.

Hence, the above data for BL is applicable to BLN also.

Acmenox BLB and BLS which are solid versions of Acmenox BL [a free flowing soft granules/powder having active ingredient (Acmenox BL) in the tune of 50 to 75%] and are formulated with reinforcing Carbon Black or reinforcing white filler as carrier respectively, also offer identical technological behaviour but the dosage need to be adjusted suitably as compared to Acmenox BL.

 Processing Benefits Quality / Cost Benefits of using Acmenox BL

Usage of Acmenox BL improves the processing safety of rubber compounds  without influencing the curing. Consequently, dosage of expensive retarders such as CTP can be reduced or totally eliminated thereby providing a cost benefit.

Acmenox BL is a liquid antigradant and its addition in rubber compounds imparts better processing characteristics essential for extrusion and calendaring operations.

Acmenox BL being a liquid, enhances the tack and tack retention of rubber compounds and provides advantages of consistency of viscosity essential for dimensional control. Consequently, the work away generation and rework of compounds can be reduced and controlled.

Stabilization of viscosity provides the elimination of the variation in viscosity which is normally observed in mixed compounds when stored for varying periods of time prior to final processing.

Acmenox BL in unvulcanized compounds does not bloom and hence the 'green' tack is not affected.

Acmenox BL provides an optimum balance of heat resistance and flex crack resistance which is ideal antigradants. Usage of Acmenox BL hence provides good ageing properties in finished rubber products and enhance life and reliability of the products in actual service. Unmatched cut growth resistance & excellent flex-crack resistance can only be achieved through Acmenox BL.

In tyre application, usage of Acmenox BL enhances the rubber to textile  adhesion and heat ageing properties thereby prolonging the life of the tyre due to the more durability of casing.

  • In heat-ageing behaviour, Acmenox BL is practically comparable to TMQ though marginally inferior to IPPD and 6PPD.

  • In De-Mattia flex-crack resistance, BL is very close to IPPD and 6PPD, but vastly superior to TMQ.

  • In De-Mattia cut-growth resistance, BL is found excellent in performance. IPPD, 6PPD and TMQ offer practically no cut-growth resistance.

  • The drop in De-Mattia flex-crack resistance after ageing at room temperature is the least for BL and compared to IPPD and 6PPD.

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